Masters of Disguise. Camouflaging creatures & magnificent Mimics by Marc Martin. Published by Penguin Books

Now you see them, now you don’t

From the Orchid Mantis in South East Asia to the Polar Bear in the Artic Circle, Masters of disguise explores the different insects and animals that survive by surrounding themselves by habitat that looks just like them or being able to change themselves so they can blend in.

Young children will love perusing through this book which not only explores the different animals through fact, it also shows them through colourful and life like illustrations of the creature in their habitat.

Each double page spread introduces the creature through painted scenes of the habitat and themselves moving within it. There are also short snippets of information about how the creature is a master of disguise!

Living things is a great topic in many Science classrooms and by exploring animals who camoflauge themselves, we are allowing children to see how survival is such an important part of animals lives.

Without the ability to live in habitats that protect them or the ability to change skin colour, these animals wouldn’t be alive.

Discussions can be had about where we can find these animals and why looking after the habitat they live in is important as without this colourful protection – they cannot survive.

  • Compare and contrast different habitats and why they are needed.
  • Create a list of where these habitats are around the world.
  • Design a new habitat for an endangered species to care for it.
  • Study the life cycle of one of these animals.

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